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Auction & House Clearance Service

One Call Does It All

We offer a complete house clearance service with our dedicated team.  Property clearance is labour intensive work whether the property is small or large, we minimise the cost of clearing a house, loft or garage by working efficiently to an established process, shown below.

We recommend an early visit to assess saleable items.

Property visit to assess saleable items and clearance work. (A free service within 10 miles)

You get an estimate by e-mail within 3 days.

Saleable assets are removed and stored at a secure location ready to be sold at the next available auction. Proceeds from the sale of assets, minus our commission, are released seven days after the auction.  (This is the part of the process where the value of assets is realised and money raised)

    Items that are usable but not saleable such as kitchen items, good bedding and some clothes are donated to suitable charities to disperse to needy people, particularly through the winter.

Unsaleable and unusable items are segregated and disposed of through local recycling operations. Plastics, metals and other disposable items have to be separated for recycling where possible. Hazardous materials such as televisions, paint, old tyres and white goods are charged separately.  (This is the labour intensive part of the process)

In sensitive circumstances where there has been a bereavement we separate any personal items such as photographs, letters and any financial documents for collection by relatives or executors.

When we finish the property is left clean and tidy and ready to be marketed, curtains and carpets remain in situ.